About me

I was born in New York City. Then I had to move. I don't like talking about it. I do like talking about movies, books, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, and things that make me nervous. I like talking about that last one so much that at the premier of my best-friend's documentary, I mentioned how unhappy with my work I was to the doc's editor. She said, "if you're unhappy now, you should try editing!" So I did. And she was right, editing is pretty unhappy-making. But I was good at it. It's fun to be good at something.

After what felt like 1,000 years of editing I realized that I didn't love the act of editing as much as I loved the art of telling a story.

But it was at my first Moth Storytelling show that everything changed. Seeing people construct extraordinary narratives out of ordinary lives was absolutely eye opening. A few weeks later I got up on stage to tell my first story and a few weeks after that I won my first StorySLAM. 

It soon became clear that at the nexus of film editing and storytelling was screenwriting. And so it happened that a few months later I wrote my first screenplay. 

My stories have been featured on NPR, The Moth Podcast, Risk! and countless shows around the country. And after a whirlwind year including an amazing festival run, my short film "Record/Play" was bought by Focus Features to be adapted into a feature film with Atlas Entertainment as producers.

The medium is sometimes different but the goal is always the same: tell important stories that make you smile sometimes, worry other times, and hopefully make everyone feel a little less alone on this planet.