The award-winning sci-fi love story that rocked the festival circuit and is now in feature development at Focus Features with Atlas Entertainment (American Hustle, The Dark Knight) producing

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Harry Kane One of whose own?

The fighting cock 

When I was ten-years-old I'd spend my summer afternoons in the back yard playing what I called imagination games. Sometimes I'd be a police-officer catching bad guys, other times a miner on some futuristic planet (I read too much science-fiction). But most commonly I'd be a baseball player. (more...)


Grandpa's secret shoah

Tablet magazine

When my grandfather Leszek was alive, he’d tell stories of his life in Krakow before the war. About the times he played soccer with his grandmother’s neighbor, a boy named Karol who would eventually become Pope John Paul II. (more...)

I USed to be on the scene

used furniture review

I used to be on the scene. Not the capital "s" but the little one where the beer tasted good and people gathered in the back of the Mercury Lounge to hear a 20-something work out their nostalgia with a guitar. (more...